Cash Canon/Gun

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Making it rain with your hands is so much work, since you have all that money to throw around why can't you pay a servant to do the grunt work for you, or better yet, use a machine. The Cash Cannon will make it rain for you with the pull of a trigger, just load it up with some cash, some monopoly money, or some schrute bucks, and give your friends a thousand paper cuts via cash that will most likely get the party started.

The Cash Cannon will fit any United States dollar or items of similar size, is perfect for bachelor / bachelorette parties, strip clubs, corporate events, or dishing out 5% off coupons at Walmart.

The Cash Gun can fit up to 100 separate bills into it to send them flying, comes with the option of purchasing fake money so you can practice before you load in your real money, and is powered by two AA batteries.