60 Seconds Salad Cutter

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I've never actually chopped my own salad before, as I usually just buy those pre-made bagged salads at the grocery store. But the thing is if you don't eat them within about 3 hours after buying them they become moldy, rotten, and makes your refrigerator start smelling more disgusting than it already did. I'm not sure why I keep buying them, but I do. I'd say I've actually eaten about 1/20 of the last bagged salads I've bought.

Instead of buying and wasting bagged salads, why not make your own? The 60 Second Salad Chopper is a 3-in-1 salad making device that allows you to rinse, chop, and serve your salad using just the one device, all of course within 60 seconds.

To use it, just insert your salad ingredients into the bowl and rinse them off under the faucet. Then place the lid/bottom onto the bowl and turn it upside down. You can then insert your knife into each slot to easily chop the salad quickly and efficiently. Insert the knife into each slot for a finely chopped salad, or insert it into every other slot for a larger-chunked salad.

You can turn the wave-cam (lid) to another slot to chop further at a different angle for a no-mess cross-cut on all the ingredients. You can then turn the bowl back over, remove the lid, and pour into a bowl for consumption.

No longer will you need to dirty a big cutting board that never fits properly into the dishwasher along with a giant colander, with the 60 second salad maker you'll just have two super small items to clean up afterwards. Just give them a quick rinse-off and pop them into the dishwasher.

The 60 second salad maker can make all sorts of salads including fruit salads and chicken salads, is made from injection molded BPA-free plastic, the top will be transparent, whereas the bottom piece will be made from light-green BPA-free HDPE (cutting board material).